3 Steps To Maintaining Your Skilights

If your home has skylights in it, you probably enjoy many of the benefits they are known for. Additional natural light, improved mood, increased energy efficiency and more are all part of the skylight experience for most homeowners. However, without proper maintenance, your skylights can become dirty or damaged, effectively stopping any previous benefits. Today we will go over 3 steps to maintaining your skylights.


skylight maintenanceThe first step to maintaining anything in your home is to inspect it! your skylights should receive yearly inspections, just like the rest of your roof. For your skylight, you can inspect it yourself, so long as you can safely get to it. Be sure to inspect the inside, and the outside of the skylight. For skylights that open, be sure to check all of the gears and seals to make sure they are still in good condition.


You should clean your skylights twice a year for best results, or as needed. Start with the outside, and wash the glass with a mixture of warm water and mild soap, using a sponge similar to the kind you would use on a car windshield. Next, clean the inside. Make note of any water that may have leaked into the inside after you cleaned the exterior.


If you notice any fatal flaws in your skylight, it is important to make necessary replacements ASAP. So if the seal is starting to become warped and cracked with age, order a replacement seal. Or if the opening gears are beginning to creak or struggle, order the appropriate parts to get the skylight opening smoothly once more.

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