Autumn Roof Maintenance

House in Autumn SeasonIs your roof ready for colder months ahead? Now that summer is over and the temperatures are cooling down, this is a great opportunity to get outside and prep your roof – and your yard – for cold, winter weather. Here are a few ways to ensure your roof is in the best shape possible:

Inspect the Attic – Climb into the attic and check for any holes or patchy areas indicated by light coming through or water leaking through an exposed area of the roof. This is something you will want repaired before snowfalls and you’re dealing with water damage as well.

Cleaning the Gutters – As the leaves start falling, your gutters will start filling up unless you have a gutter guards installed. Make sure your gutters stay clean before freezing weather sets in. Gutters clogged with leaves could lead to repairs for the gutters and even the roof due to water damage from ice and snow.

Schedule a Roof Inspection – Having your roof inspected in the fall, is a great way to make sure your roof has not suffered any damage during summer storms and is well maintained before winter arrives. A roof inspector will be able to locate even the smallest signs of damage and get it repaired quickly.

Need your roof inspected and patched up before winter gets here? Call Suburban Home Improvements today at (920) 264-0020 for trustworthy roofing services in Green Bay, WI. Our team can make improvements to your roof so your home is fully protected this winter.