Can You Repair a Chimney?

Chimney Repair

Getting Repair For Your Chimney Can Help Your Roof As Well.

Have you noticed your chimney looking a little worse for wear? You may wonder if there is anything you can or should do when you notice the damage. In fact, reaching out to your local chimney repair experts for service is very important upon the first notice of damage and can ensure the repair is completed quickly and thoroughly. Your chimney is actually a crucial part of not only your fireplace but your roofing system as well, so when damage is apparent, it could be telling you that there are other issues occurring or that can happen if left unrepaired. Some of the signs of chimney damage are:

  • Rust along the flashing
  • Damage to your fireplace wall
  • Crumbling areas on your chimney
  • Leaks in your home

If your chimney is damaged, it can lead to more than just extra damage but can even increase the inefficiency in your home, allowing conditioned air to escape through holes.

Why Repair Chimney Flashing?

Flashing is actually material that seals up weakened areas of your roof, preventing leaks and other issues from arising. If damaged, it can allow water, wind, and inefficiency to plague your home. Because your chimney is a separate part of your roof, flashing may be used to secure these systems together. Have your chimney experts inspect these areas as well to ensure that they are in good condition and repair or replace as necessary. If you have chimney damage and have air ducts in your attic, as an additional measure, you can consider air duct sealing service to ensure your home is getting the air it needs and to ensure that during the damaged period, nothing became damaged with your ducts either. Suburban Home Improvements is always available to complete your chimney repair needs in Green Bay, WI. We provide quality chimney and roofing to keep your home protected year round. Give us a call today at (920) 264-0020!