DIY Tips for Metal Roof Maintenance

Fall Cleaning

Cleaning Out Your Gutter Prevents Rain from Corroding Your Fascia.

Have you ever been worried that debris or corrosion will prevent your metal rooftop from reaching its full potential? With a little upkeep, your home’s roofing system can easily last for many decades. Here are 3 DIY tips to help you with your metal roof maintenance.

Tip #1: Spring / Fall Cleaning

Knowing how often to clean your roof is half the battle. The best time to maintenance your roof is during the spring and fall. Winter and summer seasons are the hardest on your metal roof, but a little cleanup in the following months can undo most of the potential damage.

Tip #2: Dealing with Debris

Grab a ladder, a trash bag, and a pair of binoculars. Take a quick walk around your home and inspect your rooftop. You’ll be looking for debris (twigs, leaves, etc.), metal fragments in the paint coating, and dirt smudges. Once you’ve finished your survey, take your trusty ladder and trash bag, and start your cleanup by emptying out your gutters. Stopped-up gutters can spill over onto your roof’s fascia during a rain storm and corrode the metal.

Your next step is to clear off the rooftop of twigs, leaves, dirt, etc. If you spotted any dirt smudges earlier, you can apply Formula 409 (or a similar brand) and wipe them off with a soft cloth. Tougher grime may require a stronger solution. A blend of household bleach, water, and dish soap usually does the trick.

Tip #3: Finishing Up

Bi-annual maintenance provides the perfect opportunity to touch-up those little scratches and chips in the paint. Using a paint brush (never a spray can) and a bit of manufacturer approved paint, you can cover up degraded paint spots and nicks left by debris. Covering up these exposed sections with a little paint will prevent them from rusting when it rains.

Congratulations! That’s it. With these 3 easy tips, you can extend the life of your roof! For more information on metal roof maintenance in Green Bay, WI, talk to one of our specialists at (920) 264-0020.