Expert Chimney Repair

Living in Green Bay, WI, we rely on our chimneys a great deal during the colder months. Without realizing it, these crucial structures can take a beating during harsh winters and storms. Often, by the time we realize that there’s an issue, it’s far more significant a repair that is needed than if it was caught early during routine maintenance or a roof inspection. Nevertheless, we’ve got you covered! Call us today at (920) 264-0020 for chimney repair or inspection in Green Bay, WI.

Extend the Life of Your Chimney

Call Our Professionals to Find Out if Chimney Repair Will Benefit Your Home.

Chimney Repair Can Help Keep Your Roof and Home Safe and Secure.

Ah, the chimney. It’s so much more than an architectural element to your home. This functional pillar is what ensures that your fireplace properly vents to the outside, as well as keeps critters and unwanted visitors from finding their way into your house on a cold night. When properly cared for, chimneys last for years and years without much fuss. But when they are in need of attention, they can be far more difficult to fix than simply adding caulk or giving it a quick sweep.

Chimneys are often the most exposed structure of your home, but because they extend up in the air, they don’t have the benefit of insulation that the rest of your abode enjoys. Because of this, it freezes often and can take the brunt of a damaging storm. The ebb and flow of temperatures can cause the materials to expand and contract, weakening over time until they eventually crack or fail. This requires trained professionals who can properly repair the masonry or materials to ensure a well functioning chimney moving forward. Call us today to take a look at (920) 264-0020.

What to Watch For

Because of the inherent height concerns when it comes to the chimney, it’s best to leave the repairs to the pros. However, there are some basic visual checks that you can do to evaluate the state of your chimney.

  • Check for cracks
  • Know the overall roof health
  • Smoke should flow OUT of the house
  • Watch for water during rainstorms

You can also call us for a free inspection and we’ll take a look for you to determine if chimney repair for your Green Bay, WI home is needed! (920) 264-0020