Skylight Installation You Can Count On

Bring some light into your home! Skylight installation and retrofitting is a great way to introduce natural light into your house, which goes a long way in adding to the feel and mood of the space. Most home buyers these days are attracted to homes with lots of natural light, and for good reason! Light can improve our mood and make any space feel bigger, and reducing the need for overhead lighting can also help you save on your energy bill. Skylights are an elegant way to add this natural element to your home. Whether you’re looking to sell your home or just want to bring in a little sunshine for your family, call us at (920) 264-0020 for an estimate on skylight installation and retrofitting in Green Bay, WI!

Freshen Up an Existing Skylight

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Skylight Installation Offers Your Home Unbridled Natural Light That Can Help Save on Energy Costs.

Retrofitting an existing skylight is a great way to update the look of a feature that you’re already enjoying today. Whether the skylight is leaking, warped, or simply outdated in style, you can make the most of the established feature by trusting our talented team to properly install and seal a new skylight. These are always a fun feature that adds value and practicality to your home, and they’ve come a long way since the 70s!

Some great locations for skylights:

  • Attic
  • Bathrooms
  • Hallways
  • Kitchen
  • Living spaces (den, family room)

Even bedrooms, which were once less-than-ideal spots for skylights, have become great places to introduce more light thanks to advances in technology. With options like retractable shades and UV coatings, as well as ventilation options, fresh air will seem right within reach while still keeping your interior safe from the elements year-round. 

Leave it to the Experts

When it comes to making any changes to your roof, you want to ensure that insured, licensed professionals are on the job. The experts at Suburban Home Improvements understand all aspects of roofing, roofing repairs, and exterior services, so you’re in good hands with us as we put in your skylight(s)! Call us at (920) 264-0020 when you’re ready for skylight installation or retrofitting for your Green Bay, WI home.