Professional Window Installation

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New Window Installation Offers Multiple Benefits to Your Home.

Well-placed windows can not only add tremendous curb appeal to your home but more and more home buyers and owners are looking for lots of natural light as they make themselves at home in a new space. We’d love to hear from you at (920) 264-0020 to provide a consultation for window installation in Green Bay, WI!

With many stylish and advanced options to choose from, homeowners can greatly improve the look, efficiency, and comfort of their home. Especially in heavily-used rooms–such as living rooms, bedrooms, dens, and basements–having properly sealed and durable windows can decrease energy bills and reduce dirt and allergens in the air.

The Install Matters

As local experts in residential roofs and home exteriors, the team at Suburban Home Improvements can tell you that not all windows are created equal. Not to mention, the placement and proper installation of new or retrofitted windows can be as important (if not more so) than the quality of the window itself.

Without properly sealing and planning for the location of new or updated windows, you could compromise the value of your window investment before they’re even fully installed! Because we’re experts on roof installation and vinyl siding installation, we understand the complexities of the structural integrity of your home and will ensure that form and function are taken into consideration before making a single cut or change.

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Looking Up

Even with a lot of windows throughout the house, there can still be a desire to bring in more natural light, especially in dim hallways, attics, or rooms that don’t seem to draw much sun. The colder months can make the whole house seem dreary, but adding a well-planned skylight or two can make a drastic difference in how much light you and your family experience. Count on an experienced roofing contractor to help you plan for and install a beautiful skylight in your home to take full advantage of brighter days and reduce the need for constant overhead lights.

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