Gutter Maintenance Tips That Will Keep You and Your Gutters Safe

In order to have a roof that is in good condition, it’s best to perform maintenance on different areas of your roof. One of the easiest ways to keep your roof in good shape is by keeping your gutters clean. If you need gutter maintenance that will keep your roof safe and also protect you from harm, read on for our gutter maintenance tips.

Gutter Maintenance Tips That Will Keep You and Your Gutters Safe

Wear the Proper Clothing

Gutter safety starts with the clothing you wear. It might not seem like it matters what clothing you wear, but it actually does. Since your gutters can be full of leaves and debris, it’s important to keep yourself protected. You will need to wear protective eye goggles, a long sleeve shirt, surgical mask, and gloves.

Use the Right Equipment

Since you will be performing maintenance on your roof, it is important to use a ladder that is sturdy. In addition to a ladder, you will need a hose and plastic scoop. The scoop is optional, but a good choice to keep your gloves clean. Gutter safety is only possible with safe equipment.

The Right Cleaning Process

You want to start by clearing the gutters of leaves and debris. Once that is done you can use your hose to wash out the gutters. The water should easily flow down the gutters. If the water isn’t going down the drainpipe, blast water up the spout to remove clogs. When you are done, you should have clean gutters.

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