Local Corrugated Metal Roofing Services

Most times, when you think of corrugated metal roofs, warehouses and other types of industrial buildings built back in the 1800s come to mind. But that’s a thing of the past with today’s technology advancements. You are now able to have corrugated metal roof installation in Green Bay, WI for your home! While these roof systems have now been developed to be used as an affordable metal option on residential structures, there are still varieties that are best suited for commercial buildings. Two of the most commonly utilized corrugated metal roofs are R panel roofing and U panel roofing, which we will further discuss below. Would you like to find out more info? Call us at (920) 264-0020 now!

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Corrugated Metal is an Affordable Way to Harness the Durability of Metal Roofing for Your Structure.

U Panel Options

Traditionally, metal roofs consist of 29 gauge panels, but U panel roofing is often made with 26 gauge panels. These panels are more pleasing to the eye, in turn, making them highly favored when it comes to residential properties. Additionally, they make for an uncomplicated installation since they can be applied right over the present roof. You’re also able to pick from an assortment of colors with these panels, which lets your corrugated metal roof installation flow seamlessly with the existing colors of your home.

R Panel Roofing

R panels, on the other hand, are predominantly best-known for being low maintenance, and especially durable. R panels can be applied to your shingles and can last for nearly 50 years. Due to the more rugged appearance, R panels are more often chosen for commercial buildings, but some modern homes look particularly stylish with an R panel roof on top.

The Metal Roofing Experts

With the numerous advantages that are included, there’s no way you can go wrong with a metal roof, whether you settle on a corrugated metal style, metal shingles, or even a standing seam option. But you should also know that metal roofing has its own unique visual appeal opposed to more conventional roofing materials, like shingles. If you are interested in upgrading to a metal roofing system, the team at Suburban Home Improvements has the expertise, as well as the top of the market materials you want for your roof. To request a quote for your corrugated metal roof installation in Green Bay, WI, give us a call ASAP at (920) 264-0020!