Your Steel Roofing Experts

Have all the farmhouse-inspired homes on TV and in-home design magazines got you thinking about metal roofs? You’re not alone! Steel roofing has been around for years, but recently we’ve seen a surge in homeowners requesting this durable material that truly makes a statement for your beautiful home. Give us a call today at (920) 264-0020 to learn more about residential steel roofing in Green Bay, WI!

Why Steel Roofing?

Steel Roofing Can Deliver the Unique Style You've Been Looking For.

Steel Roofing Offer The Impeccable Strength of a Metal Roof With the Classic, Rugged Style That You’d Expect.

Most folks think of the traditional shingles when it comes to roofing materials, which have certainly come a long way in their own right with the selection of architectural shingles and quality manufacturers out there today. But steel roofs have been on the rise as homeowners recognize some of the inherent benefits of this option for roof replacements or new construction.

Consider this…

  • Steel is an incredibly strong and durable material. What better way to protect you and your family from the elements?
  • When properly installed, steel roofs can last as long as your home, meaning less maintenance and less need for costly replacement down the road. Metal is resistant to insects, mildew, fire, and rot.
  • Steel roofs are highly dependable against rain and snow because of the interlocking nature of the panels. Metal is also quick to shed snow during those winter months in Wisconsin given its slick, smooth surface, and the material itself is lighter, adding less stress to your home’s infrastructure.
  • Steel roofing can save you up to 40% in cooling costs according to the Metal Construction Association, as well as potentially get you a discount on your homeowner’s insurance.

Only professionals can ensure proper installation to fully realize all the benefits of your beautiful new steel roof. Without taking the expert care to install it well, the roof may become damaged and compromised before it’s even finished. And if you ever do find your steel roof in need of repair, call in the pros for that too! Matching materials and ensuring tight seals go a long way in preserving your investment in your home.

Only the Best

Our experienced team at Suburban Home Improvements works with only the best manufacturers to secure premium materials for your home. There are many color and texture options available for your unique home, and we’ll be happy to provide a free consultation. Call us now at (920) 264-0020 to learn more about steel roofing in Green Bay, WI, and the surrounding areas!