EPDM Rubber Roofing

Rubber roofing is a sustainable, practical option for homeowners to consider for residential roofs. EPMD Rubber (“ethylene propylene diene monomer”) is an extremely durable material that is generally used on low slope roofs and holds up impressively well to the elements. Call us today at (920) 264-0020 to hear more about EPDM rubber roofing in Green Bay, WI!

Impressive Durability

EPDM Rubber Roofing Is A Great Choice for Most Residential STructures.

EPDM Roofing Can Protect Your Home From Outside Damages While Delivering Lower Energy Costs.

We’re all familiar with rubber’s ability to hold up well to stress, but perhaps you haven’t yet considered this material for your home roof. Properly installed rubber roofs can last over 40 years, and there is no special treatment or sealant required. With ample securing of seams, all that is required to keep your rubber roof in shape is keeping it clear of debris and, as always, basic maintenance.

Additional benefits:

Rubber roofing is highly resistant to hail damage as well as thermal shock. Its flexibility and UV resistance are unbeatable and prevent them from becoming brittle and breaking. To learn all the benefits of a rubber roof for your Green Bay, WI home, call our professional roofers at (920) 264-0020.

EPDM rubber is available in both black and white. Black rubber coverts UV rays to heat for additional insulation, while the white rubber deflects the rays to prevent long-term sun damage. The material is available in sizes up to 20 x 50, with a thickness up to 60 mils.

If damage to the rubber roof does occur, our expert team may be able to simply patch the impacted area, which makes the turn-around fast and far less expensive than total replacement. And given the professional techniques we employ, you won’t sacrifice the durability of the overall roof because of a patch.

Flat Roofs

The team at Suburban Home Improvements are no strangers to the considerations that must be made when roofing flat, geometric, or unusually shaped homes. Without careful forethought, puddling and leaks can become unnecessary headaches for those who do not have the traditional pitches and slopes of residential roofs. EPDM rubber is a great choice for low slope and flat roofs, though it can also be effectively used for steep roofs as well. For years, the material was used for pond lining and other heavy water applications, but its remarkable moisture resistance made it a perfect solution to the challenges of flat roofs.

Call us now at (920) 264-0020 if you’re in need of flat roof repair, or to learn more about EPDM rubber roofing in Green Bay, WI!