Roof Maintenance You Can Trust

“Outta sight, outta mind…” Given the fact that your roof is pretty high up there and may not be an aspect of your exterior that you give much attention to on a daily basis–versus, say, your landscaping, your windows, the porch, etc.–it can easily fall by the wayside on your regular home maintenance rounds. However, when an issue presents with your residential roof, nothing becomes more paramount to protect the rest of your beautiful home and your family. Let Suburban Home Improvements, at (920) 264-0020, be your eyes for roof maintenance in Green Bay, WI!

Our Roofing Team Can Handle All of Your Roof Maintenance.

Roof Maintenance is Imperative to the Health and Longevity of Your Roof.

Key Factor in Roof Longevity

Regular roof maintenance is the single most important thing that you, the homeowner, can do to protect your home from costly damage. Many consumers will invest in premium roofing materials and seek out professionals who work with the best manufacturers to ensure their roof is covered by a great warranty and workmanship. But did you know that many manufacturer warranties are considered null and void if you don’t regularly maintain your roof? If you can’t show evidence of proper maintenance, you may not have a claim to stand on if/when issues occur. Don’t let this happen to your investment!

An ideal time to schedule our team of licensed professionals to come out for a roof inspection is well before the harsh Wisconsin winter comes our way. This allows us to safely access your roof, do a detailed assessment of the current condition, and if any issues do arise, we can address them well before temperatures drop and any further damage occurs. This can often prevent major repairs and save you thousands! A quick check after the winter months can also validate that all is well or catch anything new that we can act fast on to secure. We know exactly what to look for, and will check every little nook and cranny.

Getting Ready to Sell?

If you’re ready to sell or even considering listing your home, call us at (920) 264-0020 for a comprehensive roof inspection! Don’t be surprised by unexpected roof issues discovered during a home inspection, which can significantly impact a pending sale and cause delays in your plans to relocate. Having a report from Suburban Home Improvements in hand, ready to go for any potential buyer to review, goes a long way in getting you an offer for the price you’re asking. Walk into the sale with confidence. Contact us for roof maintenance or inspection for your Green Bay, WI home!