Residential Roofing Replacement

Any parts of a house have a defined life expectancy, including the roofing. As the time arrives to restore yours, go with the experts at Suburban Home Improvements for services well done. Home roof replacements instituted by our team get the benefit of our knowledge for comprehensive execution. The need for roof replacement almost never appears at an agreeable time. We understand this, and deliver help that is as fast as it is professional.

Small or large, our crew will handle any residential roofing installation job. Signs of wear and additional indicators should showcase that your roofing requires replacement. If the time has come, contact us at (920) 264-0020. For all residential roof replacement in Green Bay, WI, go with the experts at Suburban Home Improvements.

We Can Help You Decipher Between Roof Repair and Roof Replacement.

A Roof Replacement Maybe Your Only Option, but it Doesn’t Have to be Stressful. Let Our Experts Deliver Hassle-Free Completion.

When Should You Replace Your Roof?

Typically, roofs can be repaired, no matter what type of material. However, if your roof has been extensively damaged by a storm or is beginning to show signs of aging, a residential roof replacement may be in order. If you notice any of these signs on your roof, call our roofing experts to find out about your options.

Missing or Damaged Shingles: A roofing system with a great variety of cracked, buckled, curled, or missing shingles requires immediate replacement. An abundance of replaced shingles can only make your roof look patchworked. Also, lurking dangers with your roof can be highlighted through missing or damaged shingles. Even if damaging winds only displaced a handful of shingles, the rest could have become loosened and ready to depart at any time.

Age: The old age of a roofing system should never be ignored, as it provides one of the surest signs of the necessity for roofing replacement. Twenty years is the typical span of time that a shingle roof should persist. A roof that has gone beyond that lifespan should certainly get an inspection. Amateur eyes may not see the dangers inherent in an ancient roof, even one that appears on its final legs.

Extensive Water Damage: A roofing system that cannot keep water out of the interior of your residence has proven unsuccessful at its chief job. Even though some leaks can get repaired, you should at least entertain a leaky roof for replacement. Call our masterful team for an inspection now.

Call Us for Quality Replacement Roofing

Suburban Home Improvements is the source for residential roof replacement in Green Bay, WI and surrounding locales. Should one or more of the aforementioned symptoms apply to your roofing, call us now at (920) 264-0020. If we start the roofing replacement process now, we can spare you the trouble of total roof failure tomorrow.