Roofing Wind Damage Repairs

There is a big assumption that only rain and hail can really damage your house or roofing system. While they are correct that hail storms and rain can do some damage, strong winds tend to be ones that cause the most destruction. Regardless of our roofing being very durable, there are sections on the roof that are sensitive. items such as your insulation and flashing have the ability to get damaged, causing leaks that can introduce your house to mildew and rotten wood.

Wind Damage Dangers

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Wind Damage Can Cause Drastic Damage and Weakness Throughout Your Roof System.

Strong winds will not only harm the roof directly, but when the wind is strong enough, it is able to toss tree branches and debris on the your roof. Branches can scratch up the surface of the roofing system, remove shingles, or have entire branches fall on your roofing system. While debris is usually too small to cause damage to the roof, it can end up in your gutters, blocking them and forcing water to trickle onto the roof. With roofing security dissipating after a few years, that can actually cause more damage.

When you want roof wind damage repair in Green Bay, WI, know what roofing company to call. Suburban Home Improvements gives top-notch repair services for your property! Using quality techniques, our roof wind damage repair bolsters and repairs your roofing system, offering it the fortification it requires to manage future storms and winds. Call (920) 264-0020 for expert roofing services and roof wind damage repair!

Wind Damage Inspection

There are a few steps you can complete to determine if you require roof wind damage repair for your house. Any unsecured or missing material from your roofing should be noted. More damage can be caused by the decreased state of your roofing when high winds mangle all of your defense. After you have determined the loss of roofing materials, check your lingering materials for moisture retention, curling, and damage. This can be a sign that your roofing has leaks and more damage. The roof structure may also have dents apparent from any strikes from trees or debris during the last storm. While there is a surplus of directly visible damage you may find on your roof, some damage can lie concealed beneath the layers of your roofing structure. To find any damage not easily apparent outside of your property, assess your roof system structure inside your attic to detect any leaks or damage. Make sure all damage is located by having one of our experienced roofing contractors complete a thorough inspection of your roof. Any damage is immediately fixed with roof wind damage repair to fortify your roof system. To begin on your roofing inspection and roof wind damage repair in Green Bay, WI and the surrounding area, dial (920) 264-0020 for Suburban Home Improvements.