Siding Services in Green Bay, WI

Vinyl siding is quickly growing in popularity among homeowners. Unlike older siding materials that quickly became brittle and faded easily, vinyl presents long-lasting color choices and durable, flexible structure to boost your home’s appearance and protection. Learn more about the benefits of vinyl siding in Green Bay, WI by calling (920) 264-0020 today.

Vinyl Siding Will Protect Your Hoem for Years to Come.

Vinyl Siding is a Perfect Solution for Adding Extra Protection to Your Home’s Exterior While Revitalizing Its Appearance.

A Great Choice

Today, vinyl siding is the material of choice for more than one-third of all home exteriors. Siding can offer multiple benefits to your home including UV ray protection that can decrease your home’s energy bills. Siding is also a cost-effective way to restore the exterior of your home and is available in multiple colors, textures, and styles to ensure you are able to get the exact look you want. In fact, siding options are now available that resemble stone and wood and still hold the extreme durability of vinyl.

Vinyl siding is very easily maintained and simply needs to be rinsed a couple of times per year. Vinyl resists problems like fading and cracking, so you don’t need to worry about costly upkeep tasks. It can also protect against issues like mold, mildew, and rot that can cause serious damage to the exterior of your home. If your vinyl siding does become damaged in a severe storm or another strong event, vinyl siding can easily be replaced by the sheet for quick, inexpensive repair.

Our professionals work with you to discover your individual needs and provide realistic siding options that fit your budget. We offer material and product advice including cost, advantages, and lifespan so you are able to make educated choices for your home’s siding. When you need an expert siding technician in Green Bay, WI, call our professionals today at (920) 264-0020.

  • Siding Installation Get Expert Guidance and Installation on Your Siding for a Beautifully Protected Home.
  • Siding Repair When Your Siding is Damaged, Trust Our Experts to Provide Affordable, Effective Repairs.

Quality Guarantee

In addition to the impressive warranties offered by most manufacturers, you can count on the work to last with Suburban Home Improvements. We promise a 10-year warranty on all of our work. Given our extensive experience with residential roofs and exterior repairs, you’re in good hands as we’ll be sure to properly inspect and evaluate your home before starting any work. Call us now at (920) 264-0020 for vinyl siding in Green Bay, WI and surrounding areas!