Windows Add Curb Appeal

If you are wanting to sell your house, or simply increase curb appeal, windows are a great place to start. If you are considering selling or upgrading your home, the professionals at Suburban Home Improvements are here to help, from  window installment to home inspections!


Installing windows can seem daunting to some homeowners, but our professionals make it easy. Windows are a great asset to your home, whether you are selling it, or making it nicer for your family. Windows allow natural light to enter the home, which is one of the most sought after traits for most home buyers. Natural light also means lower energy bills down the line, as you’ll be using overhead lights less frequently. curb appeal windows

Proper Sealing is Essential

Some clients ask us if additional windows will actually decrease the energy efficiency of their home. You may have had issues with maintaining your home’s temperature due to improperly installed windows in the past, but the experts at Suburban Home Improvements only install quality windows with proper seals. A correctly installed, quality window will not negatively effect your energy efficiency. In fact, having an old window removed and replaced with a properly installed window is another great way to save on your energy bill! Our professionals know how important proper sealing is, and we never cut corners.

Placement Matters, For Curb Appeal AND Structure

As experts in not only window installation, but also roofing, siding and other home improvements, our professionals know how important a well-done job is. Before installation, our expert will discuss with you proper placement, size and material for the window installation you want. We understand how each of those variables will effect your home, and we are dedicated to ensuring you make informed choices for your installations.

If you would like to add or change a window in your home in Pulaski, WI, give the experts at Suburban Home Improvements a call at (920) 264-0020 today!